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Benefits of Timber.

Your reasons for building with timber may be many and varied, but there are a few plusses for building on stilts(poles).

  • You want your home quickly (timber construction is much faster than conventional brick and morter construction).
  • You want your house built from a sustained renewable natural resource.
  • You are building in a sensitive ecosystem and don't want to disturb the natural vegetation.
  • You have foundation problems (moisture, heaving clay.etc) which makes conventional building systems too expensive, or not ideal.
  • You have a ground slope which makes conventional building (earthworks and retaining walls) too expensive.
  • Your funds are limited, so you would like to stage-build as and when your budget allows,or you have the "shell" erected and want to finish yourself.
  • Alterations and extensions are quick and flexible.
  • You want to extend your view.
  • Blend in with environment.
  • You live in a remote area and wish to limit heavy transport.

In SA, insurance companies have realised the potential and quality aspects of timber frame houses and no penalties are incurred if it is built to SABS 082 standards.

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